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Hi, this is John here, and I am specialized in different Home Tools and their maintenance related works. Graduated from the University of Warwick, I have a degree in Computer Systems but now ended up in a Home Tools department. Well, I am doing pretty well on the job now! So, thought to share my experience and learning with you guys. Teamed up with 11 Picks and here I am.

John B. Perez

Albert is a professional expert and is into Smoker cooking for the past ten years. Right from childhood, he has been a big foodie! He has a degree in the Human Resource Strategies from the University of London. Still, his love for food remained in the first place. He met his old chef buddy Steve, and they currently are running one food chain. Through this website, Albert will be sharing his knowledge of cooking and other Smoker basic in the easiest and exciting way.

Albert A. Scott

It is essential that everyone focuses on their fitness, age doesn’t matter! Joseph Gordon is a fitness freak, and he met our core team just a month ago. He has done his bachelors in Healthcare and Science and is a complete disciplinarian. Games are one of the easiest ways in which you can maintain your health and enjoy simultaneously. So, stay tuned for his updates and keep the exercise on!

Joseph K. Gordon

Every one of us has got at least one water-related appliance at home. It could be purifier, refrigerator, softener, filters! And many more. Jennifer is an in-house expert, and she is also one of the Co-founders of this website. She is a bubbly girl and a believer in providing quality content to the audience. In her spare time, she loves watching movies and also trying out unique food recipes.

Jennifer D. Garcia